How CBD Works In The Body

Although it might seem that way — CBD isn’t magic.

There’s real science behind how it works in the body. The good news for you? You don’t need to do any of the research to figure it out. We’ve got it for you right here in a 5-minute read!

First, get to know your endocannabinoid system.

What Is The Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a huge role in balancing our mind and body.

The ECS was actually only recently discovered by scientists and we’re still learning about how it works and interacts with our bodies. But we already know that the ECS is responsible for maintaining our homeostasis, which regulates important functions like sleep, mood, appetite, memory, pain response and tolerance, and more.

Composed of receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids the process of the ECS can be broken down into three steps:

  1. We have receptors throughout our bodies.
  2. Enzymes break down certain cannabinoids into endocannabinoids.
  3. These endocannabinoids bind to our receptors.

Then, our endocannabinoids help keep our vital internal functions running smoothly.

The two main receptors in the ECS, the CB1 and CB2 receptors, are each responsible for important bodily processes. The CB1 receptor is mainly found in the central nervous system and regulates things like appetite, mood, coordination, movement, and more. Meanwhile, CB2 receptors exist in our peripheral nervous system and influence pain and inflammation.

When enzymes break down cannabinoids into endocannabinoids, they look to bind to these receptors. If they bind to a CB1 — you may feel that signature calm. If they bind to CB2, you may enjoy some reduced inflammation and relief.

Make sense so far?

How Does CBD Work In The Body?

You might wonder, “if our endocannabinoid system works on its own without the presence of CBD, why do we need it at all?

Glad you asked. While your body does indeed naturally produce its own endocannabinoids, sometimes, we experience deficiencies and need some support. This is where CBD enters the picture.

The prodigious hemp plant produces phytocannabinoids, like CBD, that also interact with your ECS. CBD actually mimics our natural endocannabinoids to produce the same effects our body needs for homeostasis.

So if you’re experiencing body pain or inflammation, CBD can step in to make up for that endocannabinoid deficiency and provide you some relief.

Now here’s where things get tricky: It is known that CBD does not directly bind to receptors in our ECS. What it actually does is block the breakdown of our natural endocannabinoids and allows our natural endocannabinoids, and the overall ECS, to function more efficiently.

Rather than just be a mimic, it improves the health of our natural cannabinoids which are being attacked by things like fatigue. Research is ongoing to understand more about exactly how CBD works in the body, but we know that it influences our ECS receptors indirectly to produce positive benefits for our minds and bodies.

How Long Does CBD Take To Work?

Well, it depends. On so many things!

For example: what type of CBD are you taking. CBD oils work faster than gummies. They also might be more powerful. Especially if your ratio from the tincture is different than the gummy you consume.

In addition to concentration/potency, there are also biological and genetic factors at play, such as body chemistry, health history, and more.

Our advice here? Learn your tolerance and preferences over time. Find out what dosage works best for your needs. You literally can’t take too much CBD — there’s no risk of overdose or even so much as getting “high” — so you’re safe to experiment.


It really is still early days when it comes to research and CBD. There’s enough evidence for us to comfortable say that CBD can provide plenty of benefits for your mental and physical health. You can almost think of it as a powerful essential oil.

Until further research is complete, all we can do is point to what’s been done and reiterate that we at Bentgrass Premium CBD provide you with the most high-quality CBD we can find.

However, we think taking the time to read through this article and educate yourself is a great first step toward understanding CBD and how it works in your body. Mindful users are our favorite!

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